45 million passengers
Durukan Advertising Ltd - Atatürk Airport - 45 million passengers
115 million visitors
Durukan Advertising Ltd - Atatürk Airport - 115 million visitors
180 million views
Durukan Advertising Ltd - Atatürk Airport - 180 million views

Advertising in a city starts at the airport!

Durukan Reklam ana sayfa

Did you know that 61 million passengers passed through Istanbul Atatürk Airport in 2015?

Official numbers are explicitly denoting the potential of outdoor advertising in Istanbul and in especially airports. Have you not already saved your place in Atatürk Airport?

We, as a leading company in outdoor advertising, are offering our services of top priority in and around Atatürk Airport, on connection roads to main roads.

We provide our customers and business partners with a variaty of outdoor adveritising solutions for marketing campaigns addressing your brands needs and monitoring media continously.

Feel free to contact us for outdoor advertising solutions addressing your brands need!